Advance medication management

A connected medication management system comprised of technologies, analytics and surveillance tools can help ensure that medications are available and utilized appropriately. When combined with an enterprise surveillance solution, health systems can identify infections, optimize processes for prevention and streamline antimicrobial stewardship programs with the goal of improving outcomes.

Enhanced infection surveillance and analytics

Empower health systems with surveillance and analytics support so they can identify and report infections, translate data into a tool for HAI management, and detect possible outbreaks and clusters of resistant organisms and other important pathogens.

  • Near-real time infection identification and facilitation of intervention
  • Emerging trends of isolate occurrence
  • Risk-adjusted infection prevention and performance benchmarking

Streamlined antimicrobial use and resistance reporting

Help streamline hospital-wide antimicrobial stewardship and infection surveillance efforts through on-demand, standardized evaluation and reporting of antimicrobial use and resistance. BD MedMined™ Medication Stewardship Advisor helps expand and foster an integrated antimicrobial stewardship program for pharmacists, physicians, microbiologists and infection preventionists.

  • Hospital-specific, regional and national comparative antimicrobial use and resistance reports
  • Data analytics for AMR decision-making, including antibiograms and epidemiological trend analysis
  • Trending, tracking and comparison of C. difficile rates

Enterprise inventory optimization

Support patient care by providing facilities with visibility to their medications through a central view of inventory, orders and usage across the health system.

  • Enterprise inventory management platform integrates with automated dispensing cabinets to help minimize the risk of stockouts and helps to ensure medications are available when needed
  • Pharmacy operations dashboard combines critical data from BD technologies, including pharmacy surveillance notifications, into a single view to proactively respond to medication needs