Infection prevention and control

Systematic infection prevention and control procedures reduce the incidence of healthcare-associated infections (HAIs) and the spread of antimicrobial-resistant organisms. Comprehensive product and service offerings from BD help clinicians improve patient outcomes through the standardization of care and adherence to best practices.

Integrated vascular access management

Reduce bacteria that can cause skin infections and other vascular access complications with an integrated approach from preparation of the skin to insertion and maintenance of the catheter.

  • Clear single-use skin antiseptic applicators
  • Closed IV catheter systems
  • Antimicrobial IV dressings
  • Needleless IV access connectors
  • Prefilled IV flush syringes

Standardized surgical preparation procedures

Reduce bacteria during pre-surgical skin preparation with products and services that enable a systematic, consistent and targeted surgical preparation approach.

  • Tinted single-use skin antiseptic applicators
  • Patient cleansing systems
  • Pre-surgical hair removal clippers
  • Pre-operative scrub brushes

Safe drug delivery and blood drawing practices

Protect health workers and patients from exposure to blood-borne pathogens from sharp object injuries and injection device reuse.

  • Injection, IV catheter and blood drawing devices with integral needlestick protection features
  • Auto-disable and reuse prevention injection devices to prevent reuse on multiple patients